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AUVSI Drone Prepared

AUVSI Launches Drone Prepared Multi-State Initiative

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

The Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) has announced the launch of its “Drone Prepared” multi-state initiative, which will help lawmakers to prepare for the future increase in drones in order to reap economic, environmental and workforce benefits.

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The initiative will also leverage industry leaders, establish coalitions with diverse partners, publish research, and provide recommendations on industry-backed solutions.

Already performing essential services across the country, commercial drone operations cover infrastructure inspections, package delivery, wireless internet and cell connectivity, agricultural surveying and countless other applications. Additionally, drones are being leveraged by first responders in order to save lives assisting search and rescue, firefighting, and police departments nationwide.

With many industries utilizing drones, significant industry growth is anticipated in the coming years. The FAA reports that there are 869,000 registered drones as of October 2022, with more than 300,000 of them flown commercially. The number of operational drones is expected to reach 2.49 million by 2025.

“State, local, and tribal governments have a key role to play in the growing drone economy and the Drone Prepared campaign provides critical resources for communities to understand the complex, evolving industry and begin preparing in ways that will welcome the industry, and its benefits, to their geographies.” said Michael Healander, President & CEO at Airspace Link, an AUVSI Premium Member.

“In Texas, small business owners and large corporations alike are eager to leverage drones and take advantage of the many benefits they provide. AUVSI Lone Star – and our other chapters throughout the nation – look forward to working closely with lawmakers to implement legislation that fosters the continued growth of this exciting industry,” said Imperial Aerial CEO and AUVSI Lone Star Chapter President Adrian Doko.

AUVSI will back proposals for the 2023 legislative sessions which promote drone use for public benefit, recognize the FAA’s authority over airspace navigation and safety, leverage existing laws addressing concerns such as privacy and trespass; and promote technology neutrality.

“The potential for expansion of commercial drone operations remains tremendous,” said AUVSI Director of Government Affairs Michael Smitsky. “We welcome opportunities to share with lawmakers how they can unlock scalable, secure and sustainable commercial drone operations that will benefit their communities – while maintaining the highest levels of airspace safety and regulatory compliance.”

Partnering with Drone Prepared are the Drone Service Providers Alliance, Wiley Rein LLP, and AUVSI’s Air Advocacy Committee members, which include Airspace Link, Echodyne, and Aura Network Systems.

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