ADU 01163: 2021 Drone Guideline Modifications for Part 107 Drone Pilots

Today’s concern has to do with the brand-new Part 107 guidelines for drone pilots.

Our caller for today, DJ has actually developed a fantastic concern about the brand-new Part 107 drone guidelines. DJ is puzzled by these brand-new guidelines and wants to understand how they affect him as a Part 107 pilot. The FAA just recently revealed some substantial modifications to Part 107 guidelines which may alter the method you fly. On today’s program, you will discover how these modifications will affect 1) Part 107 Test 2) Part 107 Recurrency 3) Flying in the evening, and 4) Flying over Moving Automobiles.

We do a deep dive into each of these points so that you do not wind up on the incorrect side of the law. Due to these brand-new modifications, you will likewise discover why the DJI Mavic Mini 2 is the most important drone that you can purchase today. Thanks for the fantastic concern, DJ. Fly Safe!

New Part 107 Drone Rules Makes Flying Easier–

Drone Guideline Modifications Make Microdrones More Belongings–

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  • [06:05] Today’s concern has to do with brand-new Part 107 drone guidelines
  • [07:23] What are the MAIN modifications to Part 107 drone guidelines?
  • [09:30] Will you have the ability to fly your drone over moving automobiles?
  • [11:05] Can we anticipate the FAA to increase enforcement?
  • [13:28] FAA changes recurrency test changed with frequent training
  • [16:15] Flying in the evening to end up being simpler?
  • [17:45] Upgraded survey for Part 107 starting March 2021
  • [18:57] How do the brand-new drone guidelines impact flight over individuals?
  • [20:18] Why DJI Mavic Mini 2 is the most important drone for Part 107 pilots
  • [25:18] Did FAA simply legislate flight over moving automobiles?
  • [27:15] Can you fly over moving automobiles today?
  • [30:42] How the brand-new drone guidelines forbid “continual flight over automobiles” while permitting traversing

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