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So you simply got the brand-new DJI Mini 3 and require the DJI Fly app. The most recent app variation for both iOS and Android (V. 1.10.0) likewise brings numerous brand-new functions to the Mini 3.

This app is the essential to opening the complete capacity of your drone and taking your aerial photography to brand-new heights.

However prior to you download the DJI Fly App, here are a couple of things you must understand.

DJI Fly app for DJI Mini 3: An Introduction

The DJI Fly app has a gorgeous easy to use user interface that enables both old and brand-new users to quickly browse the numerous settings and functions and make customized changes to fit their tastes and objectives.

Here are a few of the essential functions of the DJI Fly app.

Drone (flight) control

The DJI Fly app enables users to manage and fly their drones utilizing their phones, whether Android or Apple.

It offers users with a series of control settings, alert triggers, flight modes, and ActiveTrack, among the most interesting functions of the DJI Fly app.

Select a particular course for the drone to follow, which will instantly fly along that course. This is especially helpful for catching aerial video footage of landscapes or structures.

The DJI Fly app must appear on your phone screen as soon as you link to your remote controller (while the controller is turned on). If not, rapidly scroll to the icon on your phone and open it up.

At the bottom of your screen are icons that permit you to access the photo/video album, your profile, and, SkyPixel, an online photography neighborhood where individuals share their art work and images.

Last But Not Least, you have the link airplane icon, which will show whichever drone you have actually linked at the time.

At the top of your screen, to the left, you have the area icon, which you can tap to see your existing area utilizing the map and look for helpful area info.

To the leading right, you have the book icon, which takes you to numerous guide videos and the user handbook for your drone.

When you’re linked to your drone, the “ Link Aicraft” icon must change to “Go Fly.” Click that, and it takes you to your command center.

From here, you have a drone-eye view and access to all the settings, flight modes, and smart modes your drone has readily available.

At the top of your command screen from delegated right, you have icons revealing the flight mode your drone is flying in, your Airplane Status bar (this will provide you triggers on airplane security, calibration concerns, and more), battery life, GPS satellites, and the menu icon for your settings.

At the bottom are essential criteria such as your elevation, range from the controller, memory area (be it internal or SD card), direct exposure worth, and cam settings.

Cam control

The DJI Fly app provides users complete control over their drone’s cam settings, consisting of direct exposure, ISO, and shutter speed.

It likewise enables users to record images and videos utilizing their mobile phones and to sneak peek their video footage in real-time.

That’s not all, though! The DJI Fly app likewise has actually a function called QuickShots, which enables you to record professional-quality video footage with simply a couple of taps on your phone.

There are numerous QuickShot modes to pick from, consisting of Dronie, Rocket, Circle, and Helix. Each mode is created to record various kinds of video footage, providing your videos an expert feel and look.

The DJI Fly app likewise enables users to prepare and personalize their drone’s flight course utilizing waypoints. This function is especially helpful for aerial photography and mapping applications.

Flight security

The DJI Fly app has an integrated security function that provides users real-time info about their drone’s flight status, consisting of battery level, GPS signal, and elevation.

It likewise informs users to any prospective security threats, such as low battery levels or barriers in the drone’s course.

If your drone has challenge avoidance sensing units, you can set how it reacts to barriers, whether brakes or avoids (bypasses).

For smoother flying and lessening glitchy shots/images, we encourage setting challenge avoidance to Brake rather of Bypass.

DJI drones infamously have less steady and glitchier images/videos when challenge avoidance is set to Bypass.

The Bypass alternative is much better when you’re tracking in crowded locations and not too troubled about the cinematic side of things.

You can likewise set the Go back to House criteria. The RTH elevation is important to guarantee your airplane will fly securely and stably when it returns house.

Prior to setting the go back to house elevation, we encourage you to browse your environments to see the greatest challenge and set the drone to return greater (around 10m) than that challenge.

By default, the drone is set to go back to house at an elevation of 30m, however you can set it to be anywhere in between 20 and 120m.

DJI Mini 3 app compatibility

The DJI Fly app is readily available for iOS and Android gadgets. While it remains in the App Shop for iOS gadgets, you need to go to the DJI site to download the app for Android gadgets.

V 1.10.0 needs Android 7.0 or above and Needs iOS 11.0 or above.

You will require to produce a DJI account to utilize the app. When you have actually downloaded the app, link your drone to your gadget utilizing Wi-Fi.

This is a simple procedure, and the app will assist you through it.

Note: For download on Apple gadgets, the variation discovered on the app shop works with iPhone 11-14 (all variations consisted of) just; for older variations, follow the link here Android users can download the app by following the link here

When your gadget is linked to the drone, the app will provide you access to a series of functions, consisting of live video streaming, cam control, and flight control.

You can utilize the app to change cam settings, such as white balance, ISO, and direct exposure, and to manage the drone’s motions.

DJI Mini 3 app regular updates and brand-new functions

The DJI Fly app lets users upgrade their drone’s firmware straight from their mobile phones. This guarantees that the drone is constantly updated and geared up with the most recent functions and security enhancements.

Guarantee you have a strong Wi-Fi connection when utilizing the app to manage the drone and get live video footage with no lag.

Relating to the most recent firmware updates over the previous 2 years, DJI has actually upgraded the Fly app from variation 1.9.5 to variation 1.9.8 to the most recent variation, 1.10.0.

The upgrades at first was available in combination with the release of brand-new devices for the Avata FPV drone, Integra safety glasses, and RC Movement 2 joystick, and included assistance for these devices.

Now DJI has actually gone an even additional action by including the Mavic 3 series and the Mini 3 Pro drones to the list of drones suitable with the DJI Safety Glasses, DJI Safety Glasses Integra, and RC Movement 2.

DJI Safety Glasses Integra and RC Movement 2 are the most recent methods to communicate with Avata, DJI’s remarkable ready-to-fly palm-sized FPV drone.

These items are now suitable with the DJI Mavic 3 and Mini 3 Pro.

This brand-new upgrade provides DJI Mavic 3 and Mini 3 Pro users a sensation of what it resembles to fly an FPV drone and, at least, offers a various, interesting flying experience.

These 2 items can just be utilized in combination with one another. The DJI remote controllers will not deal with the DJI Safety Glasses or Safety Glasses Integra.

They just deal with the RC Movement 2.

DJI Fly v1.10.0 makes the DJI Mavic 3 series and Mini 3 Pro drones suitable with these items and supports streaming the live view of the safety glasses straight from the DJI Fly app.

DJI Fly firmware updates are basic and goal to enhance users’ drone flying experience, however they can in some cases be difficult.

Users have actually grumbled about errors/issues turning up while upgrading or right away after.

Here are a couple of suggestions to assist guarantee you have a smooth upgrade procedure:

  • Guarantee your drone and controller batteries are completely charged prior to beginning the upgrade (have at least 70 percent charge each).
  • Make certain the drone and remote are connected/linked which your mobile phone is linked to a trusted Wi-Fi service or that your mobile network service provider has strong enough service which you have adequate information for the download and upgrade.
  • The DJI Fly app must instantly show to the leading left of your homepage when there is an offered upgrade. To start, click the “ Start Update” timely.
  • Leave the app and your drone on up until the drone reboots instantly. When this is total, a timely on the homepage of the DJI Fly app must show that the firmware depends on date, and after that you are safe to fly.

For more suggestions on handling DJI Fly-related concerns, take a look at our post on the matter here


DJI Fly is a dazzling easy to use app that provides you access to a series of functions to assist you get the most out of your Mini 3, consisting of cam control, flight control, automated flight courses, QuickShots, and security functions.

With the app, you can take your drone flight to the next level and capture spectacular aerial video footage that will leave your loved ones in wonder.


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