Telenet Belgium Provides 360-Degree Wi-Fi System

Telenet Belgium Introduces 360-Degree Modem and Wi-Fi Pods

Telenet, amongst Belgium’s leading telecom operators, has really presented a new, sensible, and easy to use Wi-Fi system called Telenet 360-degree Wi-Fi. This system plans to use smooth connection throughout the entire house at the really exact same speed and without any disruptions.

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Telenet 360-degree Wi-Fi system

The Telenet 360-degree Wi-Fi system comprises 3 aspects that communicate to use a quicker and more consistent web signal. The system makes use of self-steering and wise hardware called “Wi-Fi pods” to ensure a maximum Wi-Fi signal and deal with concerns prior to customers see them.

According to business, these wifi-pods continually communicate with each other and the most current Telenet 360-degree Modem through mesh development. Both the Wi-Fi-pods and the modem support the most current Wi-Fi development, Wi-Fi 6.

Satisfying Customer Requirements for Trustworthy and Premium Web Connection

Telenet’s goal is to please the increasing requirements of customers for a reliable and superior web connection. With more gizmos connecting to the cordless home network, customers expect their Wi-Fi signal to follow them all over in your home without any disruptions.

Because Of That, Telenet has really produced a Wi-Fi neighborhood where all aspects are incorporated and boosted for problem-free setup and management through the Telenet app. This also provides customers and customer support with better insights into the performance and potential issues on the home network.

According to the statement, “Great Wi-Fi is very important to customer total fulfillment, and we want to offer them the absolute best development in such a method that makes the most of customer advantage. Because of that, we have really developed one web neighborhood that makes setup as easy as changing on your tv or vacuum.”

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Telenet 360-degree Wi-Fi system

The Telenet 360-degree Wi-Fi system’s really first part is the wifi-pods that expanded the signal throughout your home. These little gizmos, powered by Plume’s self-learning software application, can acknowledge all the gizmos connected to your house network and alter the signal properly.

Plume is an American-based Software-as-a-Service company that provides self-optimizing, sensible Wi-Fi services, existence, and network control for Communications Business (CSPs).

They can also find the absolute best wifi-pod to connect to and distribute gizmos throughout numerous pods and modems on each floor covering of your home. Furthermore, the system can immediately choose the absolute best frequency or less overloaded Wi-Fi channel when there are disturbances from baby screens or neighbours’ Wi-Fi networks.

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Fit Together Development

The second part of the Telenet 360-degree Wi-Fi system is mesh development, which ensures undisturbed Wi-Fi defense throughout your home. The wifi-pods and modems are continually in interaction with each other and gain from each other to find the absolute best course and frequency for the Wi-Fi traffic in your home. This recommends that if you are video calling while strolling your home, your gizmo will perfectly alter from one wifi-pod to another.


The Telenet 360-degree Wi-Fi system is an innovative, simple to utilize choice that makes sure undisturbed, superior Wi-Fi defense throughout your home. Telenet customers can get the new Telenet 360-degree Wi-Fi system with every Telenet Web Product.

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