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Published by Stephen McDonald, Designer Programs Engineer

We just recently launched a brand-new Google Pay button view on Android which brings a series of brand-new functions, such as the current Product 3 style concepts, dark and light themed variations, and other brand-new modification abilities.

Image of the new Google Pay button view for Android
Figure 1: The brand-new Google Pay button view for Android can be personalized to make it more constant with your checkout experience.

Jetpack Compose Buttons

We have actually now made the brand-new Google Pay button offered to Jetpack Compose designers with a brand-new open source library compose-pay-button Jetpack Compose is Android’s modern-day toolkit for developing interface when utilizing the Kotlin language, and with this brand-new library you can carry out the Google Pay button in your Android apps with even less code than previously.

Let’s take a look at a fast example. Here you can see a normal Jetpack Compose UI, with the Google Pay button included. The button accepts a Jetpack Compose modifier for modification, and supports a range of labels, in this case “Reserve with Google Pay”.

setContent {
Column() {
onClick = { println(" Button clicked")},.
allowedPaymentMethods = "<< JSON serialized allowedPaymentMethods>>",.
modifier = Modifier width( 300. dp),.
type = ButtonType PAY_BOOK,.

Google Wallet

Finally, we have actually likewise launched a matching library for Google Wallet, compose-wallet-button The library offers a comparable API to the Google Pay button, however rather packages the exact same button properties offered on the Google Wallet designer website, consisting of both routine and condensed variations.

Image of the regular (left) and condensed (right) versions of the Google Wallet button
Figure 2: Both routine and condensed variations of the Google Wallet button are offered in the brand-new library.

All set to start? Take a look at the GitHub repositories for both compose-pay-button and compose-wallet-button where you can discover more about the libraries and how to include them to your Android apps!

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