International Rice Market Set To Log Its Largest Shortage In Twenty Years In 2023: Fitch Solutions

More than 3.5 billion individuals worldwide, especially in Asia-Pacific, where 90% of the world’s rice is taken in, are being affected by increasing rice costs due to the fact that of decreasing production in countries like China, the U.S., and the European Union.

Rice Production & & Prices Forecasts

Fitch Solutions jobs that 2023 will see the best deficit on the international rice market.

Significant importers will be hurt by such a big deficit for among the most commonly grown grains worldwide, experts informed CNBC.

According to products expert Charles Hart of Fitch Solutions, “at the international level, the most apparent effect of the international rice deficit has actually been, and still is, decade-high rice costs.”

In a report launched on April 4 by Fitch Solutions Nation Danger & & Market Research study, it was forecasted that rice costs would stay steady till 2024 at present highs.

The report anticipates that the rate of rice will just drop from approximately $17.30 per cwt through 2023 to $14.50 per cwt in 2024. The Cwt system of measurement is used to a range of items, consisting of rice. Hart pointed out, “Considered that rice is the essential food product throughout several markets in Asia, costs are a significant factor of food rate inflation and food security, especially for the poorest families.” The report forecasted that there would be an 8.7 million tonnes international deficiency in 2022– 2023.

According to Hart, that would be the greatest international rice deficit given that 2003-2004 when the international rice markets created a deficit of 18.6 million tonnes.

Decreasing Rice Products

There is a lack of rice as an outcome of the continuous dispute in Ukraine in addition to bad weather condition in countries that produce rice, such as China and Pakistan.

In China, comprehensive farmland was damaged by floods and heavy summer season monsoon rains in the 2nd half of the previous year.

The United States Department of Farming (USDA) reported that in Pakistan, the effect of in 2015’s serious flooding was “even worse than at first anticipated,” as yearly production fell 31% year over year.

Hart likewise pointed out, “Considered that rice is the essential food product throughout several markets in Asia, costs are a significant factor of food rate inflation and food security, especially for the poorest families.” According to a clinical research study, rice is a crop with a high danger of synchronised crop loss throughout an El Nino occasion.

Rice ended up being a more enticing option due to tighter supply restraints in addition to the increase in costs of other significant grains following Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine in February 2022, according to Hart. Rice as an alternative has actually increased its need.

Kelly Goughary, a senior research study expert at GRO Intelligence stated, “The international rice export market, which is normally tighter than that of the other significant grains, has actually been impacted by India’s export constraint.” In September, India prohibited the export of damaged rice, a choice Hart declared was a “significant rate chauffeur” for rice.


The lack may quickly be a distant memory, and surplus is on the horizon. The world rice market will go back to “a nearly well balanced position in 2023/24,” according to Fitch Solutions.

According to Oscar Tjakra, senior expert at international food and farming bank Rabobank, lower year-over-year rice production in other countries, consisting of the U.S. and EU, has actually likewise added to the deficit.

Tjakra pointed out, “The international rice production deficit circumstance will increase the expense of importing rice for significant rice importers such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and African nations in 2023.”

According to Gro Intelligence senior research study expert Kelly Goughary, lots of countries will likewise be needed to go into their domestic stockpiles. She forecasted that the deficit would have the greatest impacts on the countries with the greatest domestic food rate inflation, consisting of Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, and some African nations.

As an outcome, rice futures might decrease yearly to listed below their 2022 level while still rising at “more than one 3rd above their pre-Covid (2015– 2019) mean worth, in part due to the fact that stocks are being restocked following a comprehensive duration of drawdown.”

” Our company believe that the rice market will go back to surplus in 2024/25 and after that continue to loosen up through the medium term.”

Fitch likewise anticipates that by 2024, rice expenses might fall by practically 10% to $15.50 per hundredweight.

In its report, Fitch hinted that India would be the “primary engine” of the world’s rice production over the following 5 years. “It is our view that international rice production will stage a strong rebound in 2023/24, anticipating overall output to increase by 2.5% year on year.”

Despite the fact that India’s Meteorological Department anticipates “regular” monsoon rains, the report released a caution that the nation’s wheat harvest would still remain in risk from projections for severe heat and heat waves in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2023. The very same might hold true for other nations.

China is the world’s biggest manufacturer of both rice and wheat, and its rice-growing areas are presently handling the worst dry spell in more than twenty years, according to Goughary. She included that significant European rice-producing countries like France, Germany, and the UK are presently experiencing the worst dry spell in twenty years.

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