Episode 495: Vaughn Vernon on Strategic Monoliths and Microservices: Software Application Engineering Radio

Vaughn Vernon, author of Tactical Monoliths and Microservices, talks about subjects covered in his most current book on methods for purposeful software application architecture from the point of view of both service and technical leaders. Host Akshay Manchale talk with Vaughn about barriers that companies deal with in handling modification in software application due to organizational obstacles and technological obstacles. Vaughn speaks about Conway’s Law and how it affects software application architecture, and he provides techniques from Domain Driven Style to obtain designs utilizing bounded contexts that record the understanding in such a way to notify architectural limits, obligations, and technical functions in executing them. He likewise speaks about courses to construct a purposeful monolithic or microservice architecture beginning with absolutely nothing and methods to change existing monoliths into microservices.

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SE Radio style: “Broken Truth” by Kevin MacLeod ( incompetech.com— Certified under Innovative Commons: By Attribution 3.0)

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